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A great ride, even a great moment of a ride, can make your whole day, can’t it?

I’ve been riding and coaching dressage professionally for around 20 years and I still get that feeling.

On the other hand, I also still get the feeling when you can’t concentrate on anything else all day because you’re obsessing over something that happened in the arena that morning!

Even with 12 Australian Dressage Championships under my belt, short-listed for 3 Olympic Games and a top 10 World Equestrian Games finish, I still know exactly what motivates and inspires you with your riding, because it’s the same for me too.

Over the years, I’ve developed another passion alongside my riding, and that is helping riders just like you to achieve their goals.

Although I do give traditional lessons and clinics, more and more I’m providing a coaching and mentoring service that complements your regular lessons at home. It’s not possible for me to give lessons to everyone who asks, and actually it’s not necessary! Through my programs, I can work in unison with your instructor, and you get the best of both worlds.

Here’s my vision.

In Australia, we have a strong sporting culture and we have proven that we can become world leaders in a variety of sports.

We have done it within most sports played throughout the world by being perceptive in our learning approach, being intelligent in developing great coaching structures, and then by being powerful in the training and sporting arenas.

I like to take inspiration from other sports outside the equestrian field, and apply elements of these skills and mental training to my coaching programs.

My gut feeling is that Australian dressage is ready to be propelled to the next level. We have great young riders programs in place around the country, we have a deep base of talented riders throughout the sport and we have an abundance of wise and experienced trainers sitting on the sidelines.

And we have you wanting to learn, improve and grow as a rider.

I think if we can work collectively on developing each others skills, we can all contribute in taking Australian dressage towards a medal finish.

Are you in?

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