Announcing a Parbery-Willinga Park Partnership

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December 13, 2017
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I’m thrilled to announce that in 2018 I will be partnering with, and relocating to, Terry Snow’s Willinga Park on the NSW South Coast, to create a cross-discipline high performance hub.

Many of you will have read or heard my accolades and admiration for Terry Snow’s contributions to equestrian sport, in particular his creation of Willinga Park, a truly world-class equestrian venue.

This is an incredible opportunity for myself and my team of 11 horses (and their owners) to take advantage of state-of-the-art facilities in a supportive and success-driven environment.

Perhaps even more importantly, the aim is for Willinga Park to be a high-performance hub for several equestrian sports. We aim to have regular international judges and trainers conduct workshops and clinics, and these opportunities will be open for others to attend.

This partnership with Willinga Park will not only enable me to grow professionally and keep developing my riding, but will greatly contribute to the ongoing success of Australian dressage on an international stage.

In the new year we’ll move our current team of 11 horses to their new coastal home, including:

DP Weltmieser, owned by Susie Duddy

Zeppelin, co-owned by Helen Batson and the Parbery family

Longvue Florencio, owned by Glenn Fryer

Sky Diamond, owned by Michelle and Cass Sangrioli

Bloomfield Royalist, owned by Terry Snow

Bloomfield Royal Charm, owned by Terry Snow

Legend of Loxley, owned by Heather Adcock

Hollands Bend Scarlet, owned by Jane and Peter Bartram

Foundina, owned by Susie Clapton

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Fandango, owned by Dawn McKenzie

and Legolas (Lego) owned by Terry Snow and the Parbery family

In addition, we will be seeking more horses for inclusion into the program, that will further boost Australia’s dressage ranks.

Willinga Park is currently undertaking additions to the already outstanding facility, with several enhancements for the benefit of the horses.

I am excited about what this new venture will mean for my horses and Australian equestrian sports more broadly, and can’t wait to fill you in on more developments as they happen!

Media enquiries: Natalie Foxon 0414 550 278

Brett's Lateral Work Cheat Sheet

Quick tips for every lateral movement through the levels

Get the cheat sheet