Rabbit’s journey to the USA: WEG2018!

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by Brett in News & Updates
August 15, 2018

They say that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, well Rabbit’s journey to the USA is more like 10,000 miles and his first step was hopping on his truck at Willinga Park, bound (eventually) for the World Equestrian Games.

You might know Rabbit as DP Weltmeiser, he’s owned by Susie Duddy and he’s Brett’s most experienced Grand Prix horse.

Here is Rabbit’s journey to WEG. All times are local.

Saturday 11 August: Leaves Willinga Park bound for a night in the Southern Highlands (approx. 300km).

Sunday 12 August: Makes the big road trip to Melbourne (more than 700km) to stay overnight with friends.

Monday 13 August: Accompanied by his personal WEG groom Ashlee Macdonald, Rabbit departs Melbourne International Airport flying with IRT to Hong Kong then Anchorage and finally to Chicago.

Rabbit stays on the plane throughout the trip. He’s given special gut protection supplements including probiotics, and is fed 6 small wet feeds through the trip. The feeds are wet to aid in hydration, as he’ll more readily eat rather than drink through the trip. He’s fed from the ground for physical and mental wellbeing.

Rabbit wears travel boots only for takeoff and landing, but wears bell boots throughout the trip. Ashlee can access him readily for food and cuddles.

Tuesday 14 August: Rabbit spends two days in quarantine in Chicago.

Thursday 16 August: Brett flies to the USA, leaving his A-team of Helga, Maddy and Lily in charge of the remaining horses at Willinga Park. Dave McKinnon will keep the horses in work and will compete at the NSW State Championships.

Thursday 16 August: Rabbit is trucked approx. 500km to spend a few weeks in Kentucky at the Australian Equine Performance Center owned and run by Elizabeth and Dan James (of Double Dans fame). Dan is also on the Australian WEG team, for reining.

The facility is wonderful, with lots of arenas and great stables. Brett won’t have a trainer with him but will video the training sessions for plenty of review and analysis.

Brett has all Rabbit’s personal gear packed including his Bomber’s Bits, his Activo-Med rug from Animal Theraputics, and of course lots of orange Schockemohle gear!

Friday 7 September: Rabbit, Brett and Ashlee head to the World Equestrian Games venue in Tryon, North Carolina (approx. 550 km).

They will share space with fellow Australian dressage team members Kristy Oatley, Mary Hanna and Alexis Hellyer.

Rabbit’s owner Susie, Brett’s wife Mel and son Jake will join Brett, Ashlee and Rabbit in Tryon to support team Rabbit!

Wednesday 12 September: Competition begins at the World Equestrian Games in Tryon!

Brett’s goal is to achieve over 70% in the Grand Prix. He said if he makes it in to the Grand Prix Special, he will be ‘over the moon’.

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Quick tips for every lateral movement through the levels

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