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Dressage Immersion Retreat

19-22 June 2018
Willinga Park, Bawley Point NSW


Regular lessons with your instructor are essential, but do you crave a deeper understanding of your sport?

My team and I believe the learning that happens OFF the horse, is as important as the lessons that take place in the saddle.

We also believe that, as a rider, you need a solid training system to follow at home or at a competition, and a great strategy to help you master your mindset and work towards achieving your dressage dreams.

My intensive Dressage Immersion Retreat, (3pm 19 June – 12pm 22 June 2018) at Willinga Park, is an in-depth 3 days/3 nights of learning, and an opportunity to spend time in a small group setting of up to 13 likeminded people.

This is your chance to work up close and personal with me and my team, in a non-riding retreat that will motivate and inspire you to follow your dressage dreams, and give you the tools you need to make those dreams happen.

This intensive retreat is 3 days and 3 nights (no distractions!) to learn techniques to focus your mind, develop a training regime for you and your horse, get on top of any competition anxiety/nerves, set realistic goals and a step by step plan to see them come to fruition.

See first hand the Parbery dressage training system in the ‘open access’ training sessions. Here I will discuss my training philosophy, share with you some of the inner secrets of keeping your training simple, smart test riding and altogether inspire you to be more intelligent about your riding.

Fascinating off-horse sessions with me and my handpicked team of professionals are designed to give you clarity of thought and direction so that you can become a more intelligent and understanding rider.

This is an exclusive and intimate experience, and I’d love to see you there! Find all the details below and let us know if you have any questions.


What’s included:

  • Precious distraction-free time to indulge your passion and learn how to achieve your goals.
  • 3 nights private or shared (your choice) of accommodation at the delightful Ocean Grove Villas and Bundle Hill Cottages in Bawley Point.
  • Airport transfers from Canberra Airport.
  • Intimate access to Brett and his ‘A-team’ (2 and 4 legged!)
  • Special behind-the-scenes access to not-for-public areas at Willinga Park.
  • All meals and drinks (including alcohol for those who wish to partake). All dietary requirements catered for.
  • 2 ‘High Performance’ dinners with special guests: The queen of Australian dressage Rozzie Ryan, and bodywork specialist to the stars (and, literally, to royalty) Jeff Morrison.
  • Workshops on goal-setting, visualisation techniques, dealing with nerves and developing your own training system.
  • Masterclasses with Brett and Team Parbery riders.
  • Stretching, strength and relaxation class with take-home program.
  • Specialised group bodywork session.
  • Bus transfers between Willinga Park and cottages (5 minutes away).
  • Small group of up to 13 like-minded people.
  • Private pop-up Facebook group to get to know one another in the lead up to the retreat (and these groups turn into wonderful support networks after the retreat!)
  • Dedicated retreat host for anything you need during your stay.


Private cottage accommodation: $2390 per person

Shared 2 bedroom/1 bathroom cottage accommodation: $1845 per person
Please notify organisers upon booking if you will be sharing with a friend.

Costs are GST inclusive.

What our retreat guests say:

An amazing experience like no other
“I just want to thank Brett, yourself and the rest of the team for having such an amazing retreat. I have honestly walked away with a lot of information, it’s really inspired me and definitely motivated me to keep working towards my goals. It really did push me out of my comfort zone, as I was very nervous going to the retreat not knowing anyone else and not knowing what to expect. But I can happily say it was the BEST experience and met a group of lovely likeminded ladies. I’m so grateful and feel so lucky to be a part of the first retreat”
– Ingrid Darlington

It truly was amazing
“I can honestly say I LOVED every second of the retreat. It is a very rare opportunity to sit down in open discussions with a rider of this calibre. I can’t begin to describe how much I took away with me, from this retreat. Brett’s training system is uncomplicated and is delivered in a simplistic fashion, that any one can follow along and learn from. I couldn’t recommend this retreat more highly.”
– Brooke McLaren

Confidence. Focus. Encouragement.
“Realising that there are other women out there with similar roadblocks as I have. I felt that having a small group it was uplifting to hear everyone’s story and so wonderful to see us all grow in confidence and focus and encouragement over the short few days that we were together.
– Helen Parken

An experience which has allowed me to move forward with a clear direction
“The overall experience of the Intelligent Riding Retreat has left me feeling grateful, inspired, focused, enabled and supported. The extensive program of the retreat allows the rider to reflect upon their own achievements, roadblocks and mindset meanwhile gaining a practical insight into the makings and motivation behind what it takes to become an Australian and Internationally acclaimed rider.
The clarity and feasibility of his training system to create a united partnership between horse and rider was explained thoughtfully and precisely throughout a range of intimate workshops, conversations and demonstrations on a diverse range of Brett’s horses. His ability to individually connect with each rider, value and acknowledge their progress, struggles and success, and to provide practical solutions and guidance to support their future goals was a highlight of the group and a true reflection of a coach and instructor that genuinely wishes his pupils to succeed. For Brett to not only warmly welcome us to his beautiful property but to provide us access to his highly sought after field of equine professionals and the knowledge and expertise they possess is a true testament to the positive approach to Australian Dressage that he actively promotes.
This is certainly an experience which has allowed me to move forward with a clear direction of how I need to develop my riding, has unlocked a great new network of riding friends and has made me excited about my future Dressage adventures.
– Marina Brown

Would love to do it all again tomorrow
“Where do you find the education you crave, the support you need and the courage to step outside your comfort zone, wrapped up with laughter, new friendships and ALL without judgment?? Brett Parberys Retreat!”
– Lisa Wood

The best thing I have ever done!
“It was so refreshing to have an insight into the minds of grand prix riders and hear all the fear, insecurities and training problems are normal. The clarity and simplicity of Brett’s training system has just made me even more confident, focused and determined to reach my goals. Plus, we had lovely accommodation and a great group of people to share it with. I am totally inspired, and exhausted!! Thank you Brett, Nat and everyone behind the scenes.
– Dolly Joyce

What a great experience
“For me it was the missing link. All the information I had from Brett over the years that I have been training with him, brought all together – and more!”
– Ute Mueller

Who is the retreat for:

Riders who want to become more calm and confident competitors
Riders who aren’t achieving the results at competitions that they do at home
Riders who want to have a thirst for knowledge and a desire to learn and improve
Riders who want to immerse themselves in their sport and passion for a few days
Any level of rider is welcome – the retreat will be customised for each person individually


Is there a minimum age requirement to enter the event?
We recommend the retreat for people 18 years old and over, because we’re unable to provide adequate supervision for children, and alcohol is served at the event.

What are my transport/parking options for getting to and from the event?
Bus transfers will be provided to/from Canberra Airport. You may also choose to drive to the event and park at your accommodation. Compensation is not available for guests who choose not to use the bus transfer.

Do I need to be at a particular competition or riding level?
No, all level riders are welcome.

I need a special diet, will that be OK?
Yes, just let us know.

Can I come by myself or should I come with friends?
Either way is fine, in our previous retreats we had a mix of both. Rest assured you’ll feel very comfortable and supported even if you’re on your own.

Where is the venue?
Willinga Park is an award-winning equestrian centre in Bawley Point on the NSW South Coast, 2.5 hours from Canberra and 4.5 hours from most parts of Sydney.

Can I bring my horse?
No, this is a non-riding retreat (but you’ll feel a big difference when you get back on your horse!). If you’d like to combine the retreat with training with your horse with Brett before and/or after the retreat, please contact us to discuss.

Can I bring my dog to the event?

Can I bring my partner and/or children?
If your partner and/or children would like to join you at your cottage accommodation, that’s perfectly fine (but please arrange with us in advance). They will, however, be unable to join you at Willinga Park and we’re unable to cater for them. Realistically, you won’t have any time during the retreat to spend with them, so we highly recommend making this retreat just for YOU!

Do I need to have had lessons with Brett?
No! We have had retreat guests who have ridden with Brett for many years, and some who have never met Brett before. All are equally welcome.

What’s the refund policy?
Full refunds are offered for cancellations made on or before May 25, 2018.
50% refunds are offered for cancellations made on or before June 8, 2018.

How can I contact the organiser with any questions?
Of course! Contact retreat coordinator Natalie Foxon natalie@foxed.com.au


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